leaders talk by the female factor – Episode 5 – Nina Zimmermann, CEO Kununu

leaders talk by the female factor – Episode 5 – Nina Zimmermann, CEO Kununu

Quote: „The media industry has the responsibility to showcase female role models. They have a tremendous responsibility and there is often a blind spot. We need to be mindful of mental health and support people to understand when to drop off because flexibility comes at a price. It comes with the fact that you’re always available.“

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In this episode, Nina Zimmerman, CEO of Kununu reveals her superpower, her personal experiences becoming a CEO, both as a woman and a person of colour and the gamechangers there have been for her in her career.
Nina shares her insights on the visibility of female leaders and the portrayal of them in the media and what more can be done to shine the spotlight on successful women. She reveals the most valuable leadership traits, including transparency, the ability to handle the truth and treating criticism and feedback as a gift rather than something to be taken personally. She aligns these traits with the work of Kununu, Europe’s biggest employer review and branding site, in which she discusses how companies can benefit from using the anonymous feedback provided by employees on the site. In particular, how features such as rating family friendliness can transform working conditions for employees, particularly women. Furthermore, there is also a discussion of “new work” trends and practices. Nina shares her knowledge of how to implement them effectively whilst acknowledging the impact on the employee and how to maintain them at the forefront.

Nina Zimmerman: is the CEO of Kununu, an employer review and branding site that is one of the market leaders in the DACH region, which showcases over 4 million reviews from employees of almost 1 million companies globally. Nina’s area of expertise lies in all things concerning the digital space including leading digital businesses. Before Nina was CEO at Kununu, she was a manager at one of Germany’s largest technology and media companies. Nina is passionate about people and regards her superpower as her ability to connect with people, taking interest in the stories behind them and what motivates them.

Mahdis Gharaei:Mahdis​ is the co-founder & co-ceo of the female factor. She’s a passionate diversity advocate, business woman and opportunity maker by heart with a particular focus on creating cross-border relationships thanks to her Persian roots. Before starting the female factor she served as one of the youngest general managers of an international airline and had leadership roles at non-profit organisations such as the World Affairs Council, AustrianStartups and Female Founders.

About the female factor: The female factor is a global community for the next generation of female leaders, enabling them to get their seat at the table. The brand recently launched Europe’s first job platform connecting female job seekers with inclusive companies.

About Senate of Economy: As an independent business network, the SENATE OF ECONOMY is a driving force in shaping a sustainable society and a global eco-social market economy. We offer concrete and practice-oriented know-how for entrepreneurs and political decision-makers.

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