#8: Christina Wilfinger, Managing Director of SAP in Austria | leaders talk by the female factor

#8: Christina Wilfinger, Managing Director of SAP in Austria | leaders talk by the female factor

Quote: „You are not a leader until you create another leader.“

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For the eighth episode of the leaders talk podcast, host Mahdis Gharaei is joined by Christina Wilfinger, the Managing Director of SAP Austria. Christina talks about how playing music as a child helped her discover not only her creative side, but also assists her in the tech industry now. She also shares her vision of leadership and points out how it’s different from management by metaphorically comparing these themes to playing football. Mahdis and Christina touch on the topic of parenting and work-life balance, and how one can draw energy for new projects. Christina goes on to tell us what an „office day“ is like at SAP Austria and how it contributes to team cohesion and interest groups within the company. She sheds light on how more female talents need to gain confidence for taking on a leadership position, and shares how she helps to reduce the leadership gap with her personal example.

Christine Wilfinger: Christina Wilfinger is the Managing Director of SAP in Austria – the first female managing director in Austria. She also teaches at the Danube University in Krems. And she lives with her husband and daughter in Vienna.

Mahdis Gharaei: Mahdis is the cofounder and co-ceo of the global career and HR platform the female factor. Prior to that she was the youngest and only female general manager of an airline in Austria & Germany. She’s a passionate diversity advocate, business woman and opportunity maker by heart. Her TEDxtalk around female leadership in business has been watched over 40.000 times.

About the female factor: The female factor is a global community for the next generation of female leaders, enabling them to get their seat at the table. The brand recently launched Europe’s first job platform connecting female job seekers with inclusive companies.

About Senate of Economy: As an independent business network, the SENATE OF ECONOMY is a driving force in shaping a sustainable society and a global eco-social market economy. We offer concrete and practice-oriented know-how for entrepreneurs and political decision-makers.

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